A vegan vegetarian and compulsive recycler, I'm committed to living a green lifestyle and have been for many years.  Back in high school, when it wasn't "cool" to be green, I helped run our Project Earth club, started an environmental education program in middle and elementary schools, participated in beach clean ups, and skipped prom to compete in the National Envirothon.  Okay, I didn't really have a prom date anyway.

As a host I've covered anything & everything that's green, hip, & happening.  Most recently I've reported on green topics for Equator HD's Keep it Green and Riverwired.com, an eco-friendly entertainment, content and community website.  I'm always looking for new opportunities to help preserve the planet and live a more sustainable life.  That includes having an apartment decorated with repurposed furniture that I've rescued from the street.

Please click here to see some of my reports about sustainable living.




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