Travel Hosting & Vanessa's Voyages

I have an insatiable wanderlust, always ready to pack my bags and hop on the nearest plane, train, boat, or elephant in pursuit of a new destination and an exciting adventure.  During my voyages I've been up for anything, including a three day hike through Thai hill tribe villages (where my sleep was frequently interrupted by the squealing pigs living beneath me), jumping off a Tarzan swing during a canopy tour over 800 feet above the Monte Verde rain forest, surfing, braving the rapids of the Pacuare River while white water rafting in Costa Rica, hiking eight hours to find a waterfall, learning to ride a moped, spending three days not talking while on a retreat with Buddhist monks (very difficult) and eating a fried silk worm in Chiang Mai (not recommended). 

Whether it's traveling in style or roughing it, any trip is an opportunity to explore unknown territory, meet interesting people, and learn about the customs, traditions, & history of a new region. The most exciting part of traveling is being able to find those tucked away spots that only local residents would know about.  Experiencing the sites, sounds, music, language, food, and essence of a place is like tapping into its cultural soul.

Seeing the world is an inspiring way for me to understand others and to get in touch with my truest sense of self.  Eco tourism, adventure travel, cultural excursions, studying abroad, romantic getaways, relaxing retreats, luxury travel, traveling on a budget.